Sziget Festival, 8–14 August 2018
Museum Quarter, Mai Manó House tent
Opening times: Daily, 1 pm – 8 pm

Do a selfie, strike a pose or recreate your image at the Mai Manó House tent at the Sziget Festival – using Mai Manó House props!

As in previous years, we will be in the Museum Quarter at the Sziget Festival, offering you T-shirt and bag stencils, selfie walls, and photography tattoos!

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Festival, why not delve into the photography books of our current exhibitions – works about identity by Dana Lixenberg, Anne Marie Borsboom and Nitzan Krimsky.

When and where?
1 pm – 8 pm, 8–14 August, at the Mai Manó House tent!

Out of the Sziget
Festival goers should think about coming to the Mai Manó House, because from 8–14 August, Sziget ticket holders (intact tickets only please) will receive a 50% reduction on the entry ticket to the Mai Manó House.

At our exhibition halls in Nagymező Street, you can see Dana Lixenberg’s captivating and intimate portraits of a community in Los Angeles, while in the Mai Manó Gallery you can view the special photographic project by Anne Marie Borsboom, covering ten years in the life of Nitzan Krimsky, the girl, turned boy.

In view of last year’s huge success, we have arranged several programs in our tent this year:
STEP INTO THE PICTURE, BE IN THE PICTURE! Pose in front of our special selfie backgrounds, create your own password, send a message to the world and do a selfie with it! Become a part of our pictures!

ICONIFY! Stencil photos by photo-artists onto T-shirts and bags at our tent, so you can take a picture home with you as a memento.

In the Mai Manó House tent, take a seat and make yourself comfortable in the Blup beanbags. Our thanks go to Blup!

For further information see:
Phone +36 30 505 04 55